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Stables: Welcome

For Pura Vida it's a must to work with a happy horse, that means he is well balanced, physically as well as mentally. It's not just to meet our ethical values, but it's even essential for a horse to be able to be a good coaching partner. To guarantee this we specifically selected the stables we cooperate with, as they fully respect the horse's natural needs, such as outdoor herd life, shelter, food and care. 

We work at two different stables in Belgium, just 12 and 17 minutes southwest of Brussels. One is a private stable in Dworp (Beersel) and the other is Domaine des Cattys, in Braine-le-Château. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to check out the Facebook page of Domaine de Cattys.

In the Netherlands we work at a private stable in s-Gravendeel, just 18 minutes southeast of Rotterdam.

We could as well work with any other horse, at any other location as long as the criteria mentioned above are respected.

Together we will decide which place fits best at which moment.

See you at the stable!

Stables: Welcome
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