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Horse Legs


Horse Assisted Life Coaching

HALC: Welcome

I am a life coach and gratefully making use of the natural qualities of the horse during the sessions to help you to take positive steps towards your future and reach your goals.

What is life coaching?

As a life coach I give you guidance by providing you tools and support to broaden your perspective and open your mind. I help you to getting to know and understand yourself better. This enables you to improve your self-esteem. I will continually give back all the power to you, the client. We believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. 

Why does the horse assist?

Why is it so effective? 

The horse as a prey animal, is incredibly sensitive. He needs the safety of the herd for survival. Harmony in the herd is vital. If there is balance between the horses of the herd and each horse knows it's place in the hierarchy, this spares them energy and increases their chances during challenging times. Using all their senses is an instinct for the horse as it is a matter of survival. 

As we humans are predators, we are potentially dangerous for the horse. So the horse is constantly scanning us, to figure out if we are congruent and safe to be around. Being congruent means that what we feel, think and how we act are in balance. If the horse feels we aren't balanced, he will give a reaction. This can be one or a combination of the following responses: fight, flight or freeze. He might as well work on balancing your sytem, your family or any other system. He might be showing you certain positions or patterns in your life, that are consciously or even subconsciously that have a big impact on your life. A horse is as well a social animal, that's why the horse naturally seeks company. The horse doesn't judge and looks for balance. He has a big magnetic heart. This helps us to feel good around the horse.

Gratefully I make use of the horse's responses and accompanying body language, during the sessions. It will enable you to open up, to balance  and find the answers to the questions you hace deep inside of you. Together we will make a plan to take positive steps towards your future.  

Even I consider myself as a real horse-girl with many years of experience, I see myself impressed over and over again by how accurate the horse's assistance is. I hear regularly that a single session of Pura Vida's unique coaching's method has been more effective than several sessions with another kind of therapy or coaching. That's exactly what I aim for, to enable you to find answers to your questions, to help you to become the best version of yourself and to flourish like never before!

Pura Vida!  

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